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Core Values

Since its beginning, Ind Global Solutions has been managed by its Core Values. They shape the tradition and define the character of our company. They direct us how we behave and make decisions.

We also are a company willing to work on custom levels to give the maximum amount of options to help your company succeed. We take each customer on an individual basis and work diligently to make sure that we offer flexible programs for startup, maintenance and hosting. We have partnered with several companies to provide them with technology to facilitate a product that advances the growth of both the companies.

Integrity: To be integrated and whole, more than honest and ethical, Integrated with mature qualities.

Courteous: Friendly and respectful when dealing with any stakeholder.

Positive: Have a positive outlook and attitude in all dealings with stakeholders.

Responsive: Provide time frames and follow through with what the client says .

Direction: The owners provide leadership, vision, and direction.

Service: Provide Knowledge, opportunity and tools that will allow our customers to be more successful.

We only provide websites that are search engine ready, easy to navigate, professionally designed and will increase our customer’s exposure,all at an affordable price. All of our web based applications are user friendly, meet the needs of the customer,and saves time.